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Sweater No. 23

This oversize sweater pattern is from My Favourite Things knitwear . It has a slightly asymmetrical silhouette and is worked from the top down and in the round. The details–joining front and back at the shoulder seams, foldover neckline, and Italian bindoff–make this simple sweater a knockout. The knitting went pretty fast until I got to the sleeves because I was worried I would run out of yarn and ended up procrastinating and setting the project aside for a while. I generally finish sweaters in about a month, but looking back, I first bought the yarn for this project and started knitting it in May 2023! I used Plenty, an extra fine merino, from Purl Soho in the color Blue Pansy and the color was discontinued after I purchased what I thought I would need for the project. I ending up frogging a hat I had made with the same yarn and it gave me just enough to finish the sleeves. I love how it turned out. It fits perfectly and is soft, squishy, and cozy.

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