A Long Road Ahead

Here's my progress so far with the Avast cardigan. Once I got the cabled band finished at the hem, I had to pick up 221 stitches! Needless to say, all this stockinette stitch is taking forever and it looks like I'm only halfway to the required 16 inches before starting the sleeves.


MrsMoc said…
But it's beautiful--there's nothing so rich looking as well knitted stockingnette (Sp?)anyway, perserverance will have its reward. Good luck.
Katherine said…
It's beautiful, a great color and only a week after finishing Central Park Hoodie! It seems to me that it is going very quickly. Good work, and fast!
Chicago Sarah said…
The long stretch isn't fun, but it's looking SO good. I realized 3 inches later that I accidentally added a design element (k2 p1 in stead k all)in my sweater and just called it "on purpose". :) How is class going?

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