Meyer Turtleneck

This turtleneck is from the Brooklyn Tweed fall 2017 collection and was designed by Véronik Avery. I thought it would be perfect to start this project after Thanksgiving as the weather got colder. I used a warm and cozy merino wool for this project. I wanted this sweater to be a little oversized and chose one size larger than I normally would and it turned out perfectly. The only modification I made was for the epaulets on the shoulders, the detail which initially drew me to the pattern. The directions call for using reverse stockinette stitch, which I really dislike, so I knit a garter stitch instead and I think it works well. I love the shoulder detailing and the raglan sleeves. This sweater was knit in-the-round from the bottom up and the hardest part was probably attaching the sleeves to the body because my circular needles were too long. Hygge times in this sweater!


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