Hung out with my four-year-old cousin yesterday morning. She'll be five in a couple of weeks. My sister and I were making her a shell bra for her Ariel costume, which is her birthday present. For those of you who have no knowledge of Disney movies, Ariel is "The Little Mermaid." We still have to make her the tail/skirt part of the costume. Her birthday party this year will revolve around an Ariel theme. We were walking back to her house when she said the following:

"I bet when people see us, they think I'm your daughter."

I said, "Who thinks that?"

She said, "Whoever he or she is that sees us."

I sometimes think the exact same thing, but immediately think up ways I can refute that to whomever may ask.

I used to want to have children someday, but for some reason, not anymore. In no way, do I have any maternal yearnings. I am perfectly happy as a childless single person.