For the past three weeks, I have become completely obsessed with sewing.

I was introduced to sewing in home ec. class in sixth grade. Our first project was a little muslin drawstring bag that we embroidered with our initials. After that, we were allowed to move on to those cartoonish pillows: a hamburger, rollerskate, surfboard. We learned the blanket stitch to appliqué the decorative felt pieces onto the pillows. I believe my mom has even kept the pillows and that they're in my old room at home. After the pillows, I moved on to clothes. I started with super easy pull-on elastic shorts and an apron. Then I started to make dresses when I was in high school. Then I stopped sewing. College came, as did life in general, and being on my own for the first time. Last year, I started getting back into sewing. I borrowed my sister's or my girlfriend's machine to sew a dress or a skirt. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to buy my own machine. For Christmas one year, my mom did give me a vintage console machine. Unfortunately, it's so vintage that it only sews forward and back, straight and zigzag. And thanks to the wonders of technology, I ordered a refurbished machine at the online Singer store. I got my Singer 84350 a week later and I've been consumed with all things sewing ever since. I made four visits in one week to the 30% off sale at the local Fabric Depot and have almost gone broke for the month. But i feel really creative and productive. And I am making some cool clothes and other things.

For those of you who also love sewing, check out Sew Wrong, a great weblog that follows the trials and tribulations of one gal's sewing projects.