For some reason, all of this tragedy has suddenly hit me with an overwhelming force. Yesterday evening, seeing all the stories of people searching for loved ones sent me reeling. I began crying, truly sobbing for the first time since this attack began on Tuesday. And this morning is no better. Every time I see a U.S. flag attached to a car or a stranger smiles and says hello I practically lose it. I told my dad I would buy him a flag at Elmer's, the flag store near where I live. I hope they aren't sold out.

Portland Citywide Remembrance today
Mayor Vera Katz and Portland-area religious leaders
Rose Quarter Commons, in front of Memorial Coliseum
Friday, 5 p.m. I can't think of a thing to do either, but all the things we always ought to do: be generous every day.

Ann Coulter sucks.

Steve Fox, editor in chief, Words fail us at times like this. They can mislead us as well. In the wake of Tuesday's tragedy, I received a few copies of a horrific piece of e-mail: a verse attributed to 16th century prophet Nostradamus. The eight lines seem to predict the World Trade Center attack and the subsequent start of World War III. If you've received this e-mail, please don't forward it: it's a malicious hoax. Some of the words do indeed come from Nostradamus (though they've been spliced, diced, and rearranged to form a coherent prediction). But the most worrisome specifics--lines such as "In the city of York there will be a great collapse, two twin brothers torn apart by chaos" and "The third big war will begin when the big city is burning"--are fabricated whole cloth. Shame on those who would spend their energies spreading fear while we're all so vulnerable.