Yay! It's Friday!

Serena vs. Venus. Who's going to win?

I am just about finished with my first sewing project of the month. I mentioned that I have been obsessed with sewing recently. Well, starting this month, I had to limit myself to two sewing projects a month, or else I'd go broke like I did last month. My first project is this coat made of wool felt. I had been thinking about making a nice wool coat after seeing some beautiful ones at a favorite boutique, Vergotis. They had several lovely coats by Poleci. Most were slightly fitted in great colors like orange and green. Naturally, I thought, I could make a coat like one of those for a lot less. I chose wool felt after seeing my sister make all these stockings out of it. Plus, you didn't need to hem anything since wool doesn't fray. I originally wanted this chartreusey green color, but there wasn't enough of it at Fabric Depot, so I chose Barn Red, which has a little black mixed in. I had several possible patterns to choose from, but then found the absolute perfect pattern in the New Look book. You could choose from a plain fitted coat, or one that had patch pockets and trim, or one that had a belt and trim. I knew that I wanted the trim and belt version (based on one of the coats I saw in the boutique). So I bought this big bold black rick rack to use as my trim and a belt kit, which would be made with black wool felt. I started the project last weekend and have been sewing at lunchtime everyday this week. All that's left is to sew on the snaps and make the belt. It looks gorgeous! I love it! It's very satisfying to create these things. My second project of the month is a wool skirt with a kick pleat in the front. Ultimately, I want to have sewn enough things so that I can eventually start making my own designs. That's a long ways off in the future though!