I saw The Count of Monte Cristo on Friday night and absolutely loved it! I wasn't familiar with Alexandre Dumas' story except for what the movie reviews said. The story was fantastic! I would highly recommend it. I even went to the bookstore and bought the novel immediately afterwards. I expect the book to be even better, yet probably different. Meg says that is exactly the case:

Are you wondering about the similarities between The Count of Monte Cristo [the movie] and The Count of Monte Cristo [the book]? Well, after seeing the movie last night, I can tell you that the main character in both tales is called the Count of Monte Cristo, and shortly thereafter the two tales diverge. Hollywood spiced this one up for the viewers, adding sex, bastard children, suicides, and murders that didn't occur in the novel. Perhaps if I hadn't read the book I would have enjoyed the film, but I recoiled as element after element of Dumas' classic was manipulated for a 21st century audience.