I started in on a couple of projects last night. First I cut out the pattern pieces for the Vogue 2429 dress. This is the same pattern Mena used for the Revolt Dress. I'm using the white pique embroidered with cherries. I love this fabric! I had made a coat out of pique last year and it turned out rather well. It's easy to work with though it sheds lots of little threads everywhere.

Then I started in on the frilly sweater. I was a little nervous about the picot edging, but it wasn't that hard at all. You knit a couple rows of stockinette stitch, do a row of K2 togethers and yarnovers, then a couple more rows of stockinette. You insert a thin needle into the foundation/cast on row stitches and fold the wrong sides together. Then you knit through the stitches on both needles, and voila! You have a cute little scalloped edge that is automatically hemmed. The bell sleeves also have the picot edge. I will probably also add a little length to the body because I don't want it so cropped. I am still trying to decide on whether or not to add the frills to the front of the sweater. That may be a little too much for my tastes, but we'll see. The Rowan Kid Soft is a dream to knit with. It's merino wool, mohair, and nylon. It hardly sheds at all and the fibers stay on the yarn really well, so if you need to frog stitches, it's not a pain to deal with.