I think the frilly sweater, from Rebecca #22, will be my next project. It uses picot edging, a technique I've never used before. Should be fun to knit. I'm going to check out possible yarns at the Yarn Garden tonight. I also want to knit the Granny Square Skirt from Knit It magazine. I like the idea of doing it all in one color as somebody (I can't remember who!) in the Knitblogs group did.


Anonymous said…
Hi- I found your blog while searching "Rebecca magazine 22" which is sold out by the manufacturer. I wonder if there is some way I could obtain a copy of yours. The pattern I want the most from it is the ribbed black sweater with white stripes, like an activewear jacket.

My email is dana@rbtd.com if you can suggest anything...already checked ebay too by the way. Hard to find!