I was up to row 30 on the sleeve last night, the last row of decreases. Then I decided to frog back to row four. The decreases still were not working out and I want to get it right. Here are the directions as I remember them:

I have 87 stitches cast on. Then on every sixth row, decrease six stitches five times as follows - work edge stitch, then mark every 12th stitch six times. On the first decrease row K2 together (the marked stitch with the preceding stitch). On the second decrease row, slip the marked stitch, K1, PSSO. Then repeat these two decrease rows again plus the first row for a total of five decrease rows spread out over every sixth row, which equals 30 rows total. That's not where I'm having problems. I'm having problems with marking every 12th stitch six times. After the third decrease row, I will only have 69 stitches and, therefore, will only be able to mark every 12th stitch five times instead of six. So, here is my final solution. On every decrease row, I will start out by working the edge stitch and marking the 12th stitch, then I will decrease my markings from 12 (first decrease row), to 11 (second decrease row), to 10 (third decrease row), etc. I think then the decreases will be more evenly spread out. Does this sound right? I hope I don't have to frog stitches for a fourth time!