Master of My Own Domain

Sorry about all the URL changes. But I think everything is set now. I decided to go with the Shade of Grey hosting package from PlugSocket Internet out of the UK. For $85 a year, some of the features I got included my free domain name (only if paid for yearly), Greymatter pre-installed, 65Mb of webspace, CGI Scripts (ASP, PHP4, Perl), and much more. Twenty of the $85 also goes to Noah Grey, who developed Greymatter. I don't mean for this to be an advertisement, but I thought it was a pretty good deal. You could also run Movable Type instead of Greymatter, if you'd rather. I think I'll just stick with Blogger Pro for now to make things easier.

Started the sleeves of the sweater. Should be done with them tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully, I can assemble the sweater this weekend!