A Finished Object!

Here's the Rebecca turtleneck. I love how this project turned out. The sleeves are a little long, but I think that's okay. I knew the sleeves were going to be long, but I didn't think to adjust them because I kept referencing the picture and I'm sure the model in the photograph is taller than me and has longer arms too. Oh well, it'll just be super warm and cozy.

I finished the Spot sweater sleeves too, but as I was looking at the pieces, putting them together, I noticed the sleeves were way too small for the armholes. I browsed through the pattern book and realized that I had been using the sleeve chart for the smaller size sweater. Arghh!! This sweater is taking forever. I may just send it off to a friend who's having a baby to get it off my hands.

I started the Pete sweater using the Rowan Cork. This yarn is fabulous! It's strands are woven together, like the Takhi cotton. It's incredibly soft and knits up fast. I would recommend trying it out.