In the Groove

I feel really good about this dress project, which I started last night. I would have started earlier, but I was worried about altering the pattern because it was way too long. I have had sizing issues with Vogue patterns in the past and I just wanted to be extra careful with this dress. So, after I was confident that my calculations were correct, I pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut them out. Then I started sewing. There are only four main pieces to this dress, so it was pretty easy. I sewed the back facing to the back and the front facing to the front. This morning, I sewed the front to the back, and at lunchtime I finished the hem. I just have some slip stitching left to do at the shoulders, as well as attach the second strap that attaches to the waist strap. It's probably taken me about seven hours to make this dress. Not too bad! The flowers will take longer though. I love working with this satin too. I'm going to make a skirt and possibly another dress out of similar material.