New Yarn Store in PDX

Here's a message that was posted to the local Sn'B group:
"A year ago a close friend of mine moved to town from L.A., where she worked for a designer knitwear boutique.  She is now opening a yarn store in NW Portland named Lint.  I have been helping her put together the space, and am excited to see its transformation. She is using bold colors, eclectic furniture and great displays, all of which set her apart from other stores.  The image of the shop reflects her focus on young, hip and trendy fashions.  She has ordered a large selection of yarns, some of them very unusual, and will be carrying the latest and most stylish pattern books. The shop has a library, sitting area and a classroom, where multi-level classes will be taught and knit nights will be held. The shop is located at 1700 NW Marshall and will be having a grand opening on Thursday, October 2. Everyone is invited to attend."