Sew Much To Do

I got these three fabrics in the mail yesterday from The Cotton Shop. The first one is called Soft Spot and I want to make a pillowcase with it. Actually, I liked this fabric so much that I went back online and ordered more, but in the pastel multi colors to make a strappy sundress. The second one is Disco Dot and I plan to stretch that into a wall hanging. The third fabric is called Whirlygig and I want to make a button-up shirt with that.

I've also included a picture of the mini skirt from Rebecca 27. I went to my LYS after work yesterday to check out the GGH Velour. The pattern calls for 275 grams of yarn. The Velour comes in 25 gram skeins, which means I would need 11 skeins and at $8.50 a skein that would come out to the unbelievable amount of $93.50! Not in my price range for an itty-bitty mini skirt. So I checked Elann and am thinking I can use the new Esprit sock yarn if I double strand it. That would only cost around $40.