Another !@#$%&* Mistake

Okay, so at lunchtime today, I was happily knitting away on Gigi, and I counted my stitches to make sure I was on track with the directions. Well, I noticed that something was wrong because it says after I finish with all my increases to keep knitting until work measures 11.25 inches. I think I've still got another eight rows to go plus two sets of increases and I'm already at 10.5 inches. But then after counting my stitches, I'm only one set of increases away from where I should be. Ack! For the decreases and increases, the directions give you the decrease/increase round specifications and then say to knit that round every _ rows four more times. What I originally did was knit that first decrease round and then knit it again an additional four times for a total of five decrease rounds. So now, I've finished four increase rounds and I'm practically at that 11.25 inches. I have made this same mistake before in other patterns. It looks like I'll spend the night frogging some 40-50 odd rows!