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I must admit that I was a little worried as to how this sweater was turning out while it was blocking. Last night while it was still damp, I tried it on and it was way too big even though I made the smallest size. Granted, it was still damp, but not so damp that it was going to dry and shrink up any smaller. So I decided to throw it in the dryer. When I pulled it out, it was considerably smaller and when I tried it on this time, it fit perfectly! Yay! I added the crocheted flower after Mariko suggested it to me earlier. I also lengthened the sleeves by about an inch and modified the neck trim. In the directions, it states to purl one round, then knit one round. However, if you are using a contrasting color, you should start out with a knit round and then a purl round, otherwise the color change shows on the purl stitches. I also added another knit round and purl round to widen the trim.

While Gigi was in the dryer, I managed to do a bit of sewing too. Here are the cap sleeves. Once the binding is sewn on, you trim the edge and then fold it over and hand sew it in place so that it neatly hides the unfinished edge. I really like how the binding makes the sleeves look so polished.

Here is the bodice with the sleeves sewn in place. All that is left is the skirt and the zipper. The pattern originally called for little bows on the sleeves made from some cord covered with the dress fabric. I didn't like that detail at first, but now I'm thinking I may just sew on some pre-made bows. PS I need a dress form!