Tank You

I decided to use my lunch hour on Friday to check out the new knitting store, which is near my office. Mabel's Café & Knittery is very cute and comfy and has a nice collection of yarns for sale. There is a small selection of novelty yarns and they also carry a lot of the more inexpensive yarns, like TLC, Red Heart, and some others. I'll have to spend a weekend afternoon there with a project and some chai. Then I headed to the other LYS, the Yarn Garden, to check out some ribbon yarns because I had an itch to make the Front Slit Tank I mentioned in my earlier post. I wanted something in tangerine to go with the kiwi green mini I made at the beginning of the month. I found this Crystal Palace Deco-Ribbon in tangerine stripe. It exactly matches the mini. I don't know that it's clear in the photo, but there are some kiwi green stripes running through the ribbon. After I had made that skirt I had also bought these jelly thongs from the Gap in melon orange color as well. I don't normally coordinate and match an outfit together like this and I think it could be a little ridiculous. We'll see.