Unfortunately, the bazaar did not get a very large turnout on Saturday. I'm estimating around 50 people. I actually did okay in terms of sales, but it was very disappointing. I guess summer isn't a good bazaar time. It seems that the holiday bazaar is a better idea since people are looking to shop for gifts. We'll try it again another time!

Regarding some comments I received on my previous bazaar-related entry: The flower pins only had buttons on one side. There is a pin on the back side that I sewed on and then ironed an Action Hero label over to hide the stitching. I made small and big sizes for both the pins and the kerchiefs and the flowers were priced at $9/$11 and the kerchiefs went for $15/$18. I think it worked in my favor to price my items under $20. This Swoon summer bazaar was organized by crafty girlfriends who just wanted to try and sell some of their handmade goods. I have never written up the crocheted flower pattern, but will try to do so in the coming weeks and post it here on my blog. I'll also include a photo tutorial.


Rechsteiner said…
Hi! Do you still sell the crochet flower pins?!
Please email me at rechsteiner1234@gmail.com