Bad News

Yesterday was a bad day for knitting. The Rowan pattern book I wanted was in one LYS and I went to buy it after work. I came home with the Big Just Got Bigger book and started browsing through it, realizing that I should have gotten the Ribbon Twist Collection. Before I went back to the store to swap books, I looked at the half of the vest I had finished a few weeks back. I noticed that I had done my short rows incorrectly on the armholes. It made a big enough difference that I decided it would be worth it to rip out the piece I already finished, as well as the other half that was almost done. [sigh] Once the ripping was done, and I had exchanged pattern books, I started in on the Ebony cape. It should go a bit more quickly since it is knit up on 17 needles.

PS The new Rebecca should be here in the US, ready to be distributed. And the exciting news? Did you notice the cover? It's all in English! There's a free poncho pattern here.