In Full Bloom

Do you know how glad I am that this project is finally done? Hurrah! I had some glitches along the way, but I love the end product. Aside from all the frogging I did, I also had a problem with the shoulders. After I finished all the seaming a few nights ago, I tried the vest on and the shoulders stuck up way too much. I knew what I had to do, but I put it off for a day. I was going to use my sewing machine to take up the extra seam allowance. At some point between ripping and starting over, my gauge had gone wild. I pinned the shoulders and then sewed a new seam halfway from the neckline to the armholes. Then I cut the extra fabric off and zigzagged the edges. It seems to have solved the problem, but it was hard cutting that knit fabric. The pattern had called for three skeins of felted tweed, but I actually needed one more. I wasn't going to add the flowers initially, but I'm glad I did. I backstitched two, instead of three, spiral shapes onto the vest and then crocheted into the stitches. I had some black and green mohair in my stash that coordinated perfectly with the felted tweed. Satisfaction.