Slow Start

Here's the beginning of my mohair vest. It's hard to see much of anything since it's black, but I wanted to post a picture. I had a bit of a slow start, but I got into the groove last night. I finished the ribbing for the back and now I have to decide what kind of stitch I want to use. I was thinking about doing another rib pattern, but may just fall back on good old stockinette. I'm planning on knitting the front with a completely different pattern.

PS...Concerning the iPod cozy, I started off using the pattern from the original SnB, but adapted it because I didn't want the button flap. I used some cotton from my stash and cast on 18 stitches and kept knitting until the cozy covered the iPod when it was folded in half. Then I seamed up the sides and crocheted a short chain to keep the top tied up so nothing would fall out. I inserted the chain in the top of the cozy so that the headphones miniplug would be in the middle of it.