Alpha Female

I finished this cute little hat on Friday evening. I had started it at lunch earlier that day and it took just a little over an hour to complete. It's very cozy and warm. My sweater pieces were still blocking on Saturday, but they were ready to be seamed together on Sunday. It took most of the evening to get the seaming done. After that, I picked up stitches and knitted on the collar. Then came the time-consuming task of weaving in all the ends. That took a good couple hours. I was ready to go to bed, but I thought I would try to make the twisted cord since it was something I hadn't done before. I had to do it a few times before I got something that satisfied me. This morning I made the pompoms for the cord and also blocked the collar. I LOVE this sweater. Pictures to be posted tomorrow!


Unknown said…
was wandering around knitting blogs (actually, very interesting) and saw your red knitted hat on size 17 needles.

would love the pattern if possible.

thanks so much.
Melissa Lim said…
Hi there,

I think the pattern is from the Rowan book Ribbon Twist Collection.

Good luck!