Drunken Madness

I got this yarn yesterday afternoon in anticipation of making the Drunken Argyle vest from knitty. It's Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice Silky Wool. I had been planning to buy the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight for this project, but the Fabric Depot didn't carry it like I thought they did. At first, I didn't spot any other yarns that would make a good substitute and found this in an overlooked aisle. It feels soft and there was a good color selection. The review in Knitter's Review gave it good marks too.

PS In dress news, all I have to do is sew in the zipper. I am a little worried that the fit may be a bit tight because I bought the pattern in a smaller size hoping to make some alterations, compensations, and customizations. I probably should have bought a bigger size and worked down from that. Oh well. We'll see how it turns out!