Big Yarn Day

Since I last posted, I haven't done much project knitting. I've been knitting up a few swatches for smaller projects, like socks and gloves. So yesterday, I logged on to eBay to look for some Louisa Harding yarn. I had seen her yarns in a LYS recently, but it was rather expensive at $11.50 a skein. I wanted the kimono angora for a vest design that I've been thinking about for several months. I found the yarn online for only $6.50 a skein! I immediately bought six skeins in the olive color featured in the photo above. Then I trekked out in the cold weather to get some GGH Goa for a seed stitch baby hat and matching booties from Sharon Turner's book Monkeysuits. I also purchased some Brown Sheep Nature Spun to knit up a pair of gloves for myself. I've never knit gloves before, so that should be a fun project. I plan to come up with a pattern from the Hand Knit Gloves generator.