It was a weekend full of surprises for me. The first one was receiving my Knitpicks yarn on Saturday. It was completely unexpected and I was very happy. I'm a bit undecided about the watermelon color though. It's that weird in-between-pinky-red color and I usually prefer a more deeper red. It may grow on me. We'll see.

Another surprise occurred yesterday while Mariko and I were at Fabric Depot, buying various crafting supplies. As I was browsing among the yarn I saw a small selection of Phildar, including Aviso, Eponge, Licorne, and more! Read Mariko's entry here and see a photo. And yes, that Phildar is 30% off!

The last surprise happened right before I went to bed last night. I finished the other side of the Sunrise Circle Jacket. I pinned it down for blocking this morning and should be able to start seaming it sometime this week. The directions say to use tapestry wool for the seaming, so I will need to get some of that.