New Coat

I love how this coat turned out! The superbuzzy fabric makes it fun, especially with the contrasting lining. This was a really easy project that I would recommend, especially with the raglan sleeves. When it's all buttoned up, there's a weird bumpy gap between the collar and the button placket, so I may need to put in a hook and eye. Maybe not though because I doubt that I'll wear it much with the collar all buttoned up. I like how it looks with the collar down.

PS You can see a picture of me wearing the coat here.


this vignette said…
I'm about to make this jacket. any tips on where to learn to make lining like that? I don't think the pattern includes lining info. I may just line the arms. Thanks!
this vignette said…
Back again. The pattern DOES include lining instructions but the yoke is confusing the crap out of me! Google brought me back to you. I guess I will wing it since PR is not helpful either.