Local Craft Supply Swap on Sunday

From Sister Diane of The Church of Craft...

I hope you're coming by the Craft Supply Swap this weekend!

It's Sunday, May 27th, from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. We're at The 100th Monkey Studio, which is at 110 SE 16th Ave. It's the low, green building at the corner of SE 16th and Ankeny. There is plenty of street parking.

Here are some details for you:
*Please bring any art or craft materials that you aren't using anymore. We're open to pretty much everything-paints, fabrics, yarn, beads, buttons, pens and pencils, clay, paper...

The only stuff we're not looking for are those random cast-off things you've been hanging onto in case that perfect project comes along. You know, those paper-towel tubes and the guts of that old transistor radio. :-)

*There is no admission fee for this event. We do ask that you bring something to swap. The 100th Monkey Studio will have a collection jar to take donations for their Art Scholarship fund, in case you'd like to donate a bit.

*You are welcome to take any art or craft materials you can use from the swap. We're not placing limits on what people take, but we hope everyone will respect that this is a community event, and leave plenty for everyone else. We are donating a large portion of the leftover material to Outside In.

*We will have three free craft tables going on during the day, so you can also hang out and make stuff:

From 11 a.m.-1 p.m., we'll be making Fabric Scrap Flower Pins.

From 1-3 p.m., we'll be making Refrigerator Magnets, using all kinds of found objects.

From 3-4 p.m., we'll be making Fused Fabric Greeting Cards.