I knit up this hat on Saturday from a free Berroco pattern. I used the leftover Elsebeth Lavold ClassicAL that I had from the Rebecca striped sweater. I lightly steam blocked the hat to even out the stitches and it was good to go. I've already worn it several times.

I also finally managed to get my fabric cut out for the Machiko plaid wool dress. I think I was hesitant to actually do this because of matching the plaid on the side seams and the back, but it didn't take too terribly long. I'll start sewing tonight!


Chicago Sarah said…
I can hardly wait to see the dress. I love the color combination and the pattern (and it's always inspiring to see what you're making). Beautiful hat, too!
L. said…
Just a random passerby =) your Dizzy hat looks great!!

I'm trying to knit the Dizzy hat too, but something is going wrong with the *yo K1 yo* part... instead of one hole in the lacy part, there's a knit row dividing it into TWO smaller holes... any idea? did you follow the pattern exactly? Any suggestion/help would be great! THANKS!