A Little of This, A Little of That

Carolyn was in town in this weekend and after having a nice Saturday breakfast with her and Amy, Mariko, and Melissa (and Augie!), I still had some free crafting time this weekend. I did a bit of knitting on the jacket sleeves. Progress seems so slow on this project, but I'll keep plugging along. I also managed to cut out my Liberty print for the halter sundress. I'm afraid to start sewing for fear of messing it up and wasting all that fabric.

The last thing I worked on this weekend was filling up my portfolio. I'm near the end of the fashion design program and this term, one of my classes is Portfolio Development. We're working on resumés and cover letters and selecting a concept/theme that the portfolio is built around. I'm looking through sketches, technical flat drawings, and all of my previous classwork to select representative pieces. I was dreading it, but it was actually fun to see the progress I've made.


Anonymous said…
I LOVE that Liberty print. Just go for it! You've got the skills and it's going to be so darn pretty.