Flutter Back

I finally finished some knitting! I got this back section done while watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars. I stayed up late too because I had screwed up on the neckline. I was supposed to mark off the center stitches to work up in seed stitch and then when I was casting off for the tops of the sleeves, one side had more stitches than the other. I had no idea how that happened. Of course, I had already completed knittin gthe seed stitch part, so I had to undo several columns of stitches and rework the seed stitch using a crochet hook. I had to shift the seed stitch neckline over about an inch. That took quite a while, but I managed to get to bed at midnight.

PS The sweater looks like it's made for Barbie with its super cinched in waist. I hope I can get that ribbing to relax a little bit!


Nik said…
It's cute. How does the ribbing fit?
Anonymous said…
This sweater is beautiful, it was worth the effort and loss of sleep. where did you get the pattern, I would love to make one. Did the ribbing relax?