Anna Mini Dress

Here's the finished mini dress. I sewed on the buttons and hemmed it when I got home from work yesterday. The directions for the pattern were extremely clear and easy-to-follow and there were only four pattern pieces. The pattern also calls for a muslin lining, which I did add. There is some subtle shaping at the waist and I like that you can wear it with or without the belt.

I love the button detail on the back of the dress. Sometimes it's nice to have a different fastening method other than a zipper.

The only problem I encountered in the pattern was with the armholes. (Same issue Mariko was having.) They were REALLY small. And it's not like my arms are abnormally large. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture, but here is an after photo. Prior to adding two inches to the depth to the armholes, they had been the same size as the armhole plate on the dress form. Before making the alteration, my arms were very restricted and the chest area was tight. Now the fit is perfect! I'll be wearing the dress this weekend.


Jan said…
Super-duper cute!
Sally K. said…
I had the exact same problem when I made the Anna Tunic. Way too small armholes, on normal sized arms. It was frustrating.