Time for a Skirt

I spent a lot of time at Bolt yesterday afternoon trying to find some good prints for this skirt featured on the cover of Stitch Magazine. It was difficult to find fabric with the color scheme that I wanted for fall and winter. Most things seemed to fall in the pastel range. So, then I decided to go for denim with Alexander Henry Coriander as my contrasting fabric. I'll start this project as soon as the fabric is out of the dryer.


Anonymous said…
Ooh! Nice combo. Very nice Alexander Henry fabric. That would make a pretty top too.

I was kind of blah on the Stitch mag. I really wanted to love it, but it I didn't. Except for your skirt and a few other things it seemed kind of steep for $10. You?
Carolyn said…
that will be great in denim. make two, one my size.