Give Me Liberty

I started a project using the Small Susanna Liberty fabric that I bought a couple of weekends ago. I swapped the ruffle-collared shirt pattern that I originally chose for this loose-fitting shirt that is the cover project from Machiko Kayaki's My Favorite Shirt book. I am making the smallest size and even that is huge. I altered the pattern by taking the width of the front in two inches and the width of the back one inch. I also took off about five inches from the length.


Anonymous said…
Hi There,
Your shirt turned out great! I hoping to make the other tunic you made in red! Question--
I am wrestling with this pattern at the moment. I can't seem to figure out what is happening with the button placket that loops back up and what is that secondary folded fabric on the back. My sewing books are not helping at all. Glad to read your comments on the arm holes. I'm make muslins first as well... so I guess I will find out...