Tunic Muslin

Here's a muslin of the tunic that I sewed up on Sunday. Most of the Machiko Kayaki patterns that I've sewn up have been small in the armholes, so I wanted to see if this pattern had the same problem. It did. So, I ended up altering the pattern a bit and added some depth to the armholes. Hopefully, that will create a better fit!


Kelli said…
Hi Melissa. I enjoy seeing your projects! Curiosity question: Do you always make muslins when trying new patterns? If so, what do you do with the muslins after the fact? Do you embroider on them or somehow make them wearable?

(I'm curious because I'm a seamstress who is mystified by people who make muslins - maybe I just like shortcuts, but I never bother! If the pattern needs fudging/altering, I just do it out of the final fabric.)