Knittin' Time

I've been doing so much sewing lately that I've really missed knitting. I bought this Eco Wool at the Sock Summit marketplace to make this Berkshire Dolman sweater from the fall 2009 special issue of Knitscene. I really love the fitted styling, the big turtleneck, and the buttons on the cuffed sleeves. I also like that the Dolman sleeves aren't totally huge and baggy. I swatched last night and just finished the ribbing.


Courtney said…
Cascade Ecological Wool is so much fun to knit with! If you ever want to make a felted project in white, use their 8010 Natural shade. Normally, white wools are chemically treated and because of this they don't felt very well. Since the Eco isn't, it's one of the few whites that actually work for felting. I used it when I was knitting some Edelweiss flowers and they came out great.