Weekend Sewing

I started this skirt project yesterday afternoon and finished it up this morning. I used the houndstooth corduroy I bought at the Fabric Depot sale last weekend. The pattern is Simplicity 2656. I made view D, not thinking it would be a mini skirt, but it ended up being pretty close. The finished length is about two inches above my knee. The pattern was straightforward and easy to follow, though that crazy yoke was sort of a pain to sew with the pockets and gathers and all. Speaking of pockets, I lined them with some of my leftover Small Susanna Liberty fabric. I like the contrast of the floral with the check. Once I saw this zipper at Bolt, I knew I had to buy it because it would be perfect to sew on the outside of the skirt.

PS Thanks Amy for the zipper/skirt inspiration!


Janean said…
So much talent! Do you have a sewing room?
Melissa Lim said…
Thanks Janean! You can see my studio here: