So Far, So Good

I started sewing the Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2497 dress late this afternoon. I got the bodice and the skirt sewn up. The zipper is on the left side and I think it will probably be sort of complicated to sew in because of the side seam pockets. I must have read the directions a dozen times, but they are a little unclear and the pictures don't seem to match what they're saying. Oh well, I can troubleshoot it later. I really like the blouson effect of the bodice.


lucy in nyc said…
I just started sewing this same dress and am looking for pointers on the darn zipper! it was annoying to figure out the zipper, however the first half is on. Unfortunately, I could not find a 16 inch invisible zipper and used a 14 inch. it will make the pocket hang a little funny. I love the fabric you chose. I can't wait to see how yours turns out and if you did well with the zipper.
I love your fabric! I'm working on the same dress for a summer wedding I'm going to. I've had the same problem with understanding the pattern and how it doesn't quite match up with the pictures, so I'm happy to see that someone else was able to get through it, so I have hope now. I actually skipped the pockets altogether. :)