Tulip Skirt

I still hadn't sewn up the olive green linen that I scored from Fabric Depot a couple of weeks back, so yesterday I cut out the Tulip Skirt pattern by Jenny Gordy that was in the fall 2008 issue of Stitch magazine. Due to the time change, I woke up pretty early this morning and decided to start sewing up the skirt. The pattern was pretty simple to follow, though I think the placket instructions weren't completely correct. You are supposed to cut out two plackets and two placket facings, but the directions only seem to address one placket. There didn't seem to be any errata for this particular skirt, but I was able to figure it out easily enough. The only mods I made included adding topstitching on the waistband and placket and using five buttons instead of four. This linen was a dream to work with and holds an excellent drape. I think the skirt turned out cute and will be perfect for wearing with tights and boots.