New Japanese Pattern Books

I'm on vacation this week and made a quick trip out to Kinokuniya today to get some sewing inspiration. I found these two books that are both from Interweave Press: Shape Shape and Simple Modern Sewing. Both of these books were previously published four to five years ago in Japanese, but these are newly published in English by Interweave. (There was also this book, which I almost bought sheerly for the title, but it didn't have enough patterns I liked.) I haven't seen the Japanese versions of these books, but these have very clear diagrams and sewing instructions for each of the projects. The patterns are included in the back of the books, all overlapped and printed on two large sheets of paper, which means you have to trace them. If you are familiar with Japanese pattern books, this is nothing new to you. However, it can be confusing for a beginning sewer (in one review, the book was returned because of the pattern tracing issue). I'm excited to look through these books!