Pretty Straight Sewing: Square One-Piece Dress

I bought this pattern book, Pretty Straight Sewing, when I was in Tokyo. The simple modern aesthetic was very appealing. Usually these Japanese pattern books include a couple of sheets of patterns that you trace, but this book had none. Since all the garments are made with straight sewing, the dimensions for all the pieces are included and you can draft your own patterns. The dress on the cover is huge and probably less than figure flattering, but there is something I love about it nonetheless. I have a bolt of grey cotton for muslin making and decided to use that to sew up this square one-piece dress since I was very curious to see what it would look like. The dress itself only took about 45 minutes to sew. As you can see from the photos, the oversized square shape creates some really interesting draping, which I love. I'm still deciding whether I would ever wear it in public. Maybe once we get some warmer weather!


Unknown said…
this book looks awesome! Do have any idea of website(s) that carry it?? Living in Australia and would love to get my hands on a copy. Cheers
Melissa Lim said…
You might be able to find the book on Etsy, Amazon Japan or Kinokuniya.