Amherst Knitted Shift Dress

For my next knitting project, I had wanted to knit an Aran vest with a crewneck–basically a fisherman sweater with no sleeves–but I couldn't find any appropriate patterns and didn't want to adapt one. I came across the Amherst pattern and loved that it was a knitted dress. It also had enough cabling to make for interesting knitting. I finished the front in a week and was on track to finish the back in the same timeframe, but I had increased the wrong number of stitches for my size and had to frog about 25" of knitting. Aside from that stumbling block, the dress actually knit up super fast. I used an ecru worsted wool from my gifted stash (the same yarn I used to knit the Sweatshirt Sweater), which created a dense and very warm fabric. I'd wear this with a chambray or plaid shirt underneath with black tights and boots. Love how it turned out!