Hearts Dress

I finally managed to finish this simple collared dress over the three-day weekend. The project is from the Japanese pattern book I bought recently and I loved the simple shift style. Details include a split collar, invisible zipper, back waistband and cuffed sleeves. The pattern size I originally traced was a bit big, so I had to make some alterations along the way, but mainly just took in the side seams a bit more. This dress does not have any bust shaping, but it still seems to fit me well. I'm on the fence about this finished product. I love the print of the fabric, especially the small scale of the hearts, but it seems a bit home dec to me. I think I actually need to wear it first to really determine how I feel. Could be perfect for Valentines's Day!


Anonymous said…
I think it's cute. The little hearts read as dots from a distance and are cute hearts up close, which is fine. I think it's cute as is, but if you're on the fence after wearing it, try changing out the collar (which is cute btw) to black cotton or black velvet and maybe add a cuff band. That way it's visually less about the hearts. I'd mock that up before changing a thing though with a scarf, but I quite like it as is.
Melissa Lim said…
Great ideas, Silvia! There is a cuff on the sleeve, but I think my problem is ultimately the fabric. It sort of reads as home dec to me. But I think you're right, I just need to wear it first, which I haven't done yet!