Men's Shirting Shirt

Here's my second project for my Re-Fashion class. I had bought a bunch of men's shirts from Goodwill hoping to make some kind of dress. What I actually ended up with was this crazy shirt. My first step was to deconstruct all the shirts: removed sleeves, pockets, button plackets, collars, yokes, fronts from backs. Then I cut strips from the fabric and sewed them together to create a new fabric. On the front, you can see I left the button placket in place, though it's a bit off-center. My main fabric was that blue checked fabric, which was really thick, soft and and of high quality. Originally, I had wanted more of a boat neck, but the fabric wasn't laying well, so I cut that V-neck on the front. I had to move the position of the top button, but it worked. I took the yoke from the back of that shirt, slashed it in half and sewed in an additional piece of fabric so that the front and back were approximately the same width at the shoulders. I took the shirt backs from the blue, black and striped shirts, added pleats (inspired by this collaboration) and sewed them to the yoke. Next, I took a portion of the blue sleeves, sewed those on and hemmed them, then seamed the sides. My last step was to even out the front and back with a rolled hem using my serger. The back is slightly longer and U-shaped while the front is more straight. Again, I don't know if I would ever really wear this, but the process was fun.