Weekend Sewing: Dresses from The Assembly Line

I finished sewing up two dresses the last two weekends. Both were patterns from The Assembly Line, a Swedish company that designs clothes. I love their aesthetic and as a newcomer to their patterns, decided to try the Apron Dress and the Hoodie Dress first. The patterns arrived quickly considering they came from Sweden. I love the branding and packaging of the patterns. I bought single size patterns, but you can also order multi-size. Each pattern comes with printed pattern pieces that you can cut out and a nice, detailed instruction booklet. I was going to trace my patterns, but since they were single size, I decided to save time by just cutting them out. The instructions were just about perfect–extremely clear with good illustrations. I purchased fabrics from Bolt after I received the patterns and read through the instructions. I chose a royal blue twill for the Apron Dress and a black denim for the Hoodie Dress. I was able to finish both dresses during the course of each weekend. I really love them both. Each pattern has some really nice details that make them unique. I love all the topstitching and the big pockets. And you can order your patterns with a label that you can sew into your finished garment! These are two great additions to my spring wardrobe. Can't wait to wear them.