The Stockholm Hat

Here's another quick project, the Stockholm Hat from PetiteKnit. I was originally going to knit a Purl Soho hat using their Cashmere Merino Bloom and Tussock yarns, but I realized these skeins would work perfectly for the Stockholm Hat instead. It was a pretty quick project but it took me a little longer to finish because I ran out of merino and had to wait for a new skein to arrive. This hat uses a tubular cast-on and gave me the chance to practice as I've only done it a handful of times. I do like the clean finish that a tubular cast-on and bind-off provide, so I'll be using these techniques as a best practice now. I also love the style of decreases at the crown of the hat; a really nice detail.

A couple of cream-colored Purl Soho yarns: a skein of Cashmere Merino Bloom (worsted weight) and a skein of Tussock (mohair blend)

A printed out hat pattern from design PetiteKnit lays on the floor with the the cashmere merino and mohair yarns held together for the beginning of the Stockholm Hat project, knit on a circular needle

The Stockholm Hat knit in 1 x 1 rib

The completed Stockholm Hat with its folded cuff laying on the floor